Dear Dr. Lasko, 
September 11, 2015 
I am a senior and one of your most grateful patients. It is with deep gratitude, that I write to thank you and your staff for "*saving my life*". 

For many years I wondered why it was required procedure, at your clinic, to have my blood pressure taken prior to having procedures done on my teeth. 

On June first 2015, I underwent a quad by-pass operation which has successfully restored the functioning of my Cardiac system. Because your staff took time to show me, that my blood pressure had been rising steadily, over the past three appointments, caused me to see my Family Doctor. This action lead to a Cardiac check-up which pointed me directly to the Trillium Cardiac Centre for a by-pass operation. *Without your holistic approach and concern for my health I would not be here today.* I will for ever be grateful and a willing proponent of good oral hygiene and for the holistic view of medical well being. 

Yours Sincerely 
Winston Uytenbogaart 
Orangeville Ontario 

When I first went to Dr. Lasko I had resigned myself to a lifetime of debilitating headaches. I had progressed through increasingly stronger pain medications from Advil through Percocet to Oxycontin. I had also had so many CT Scans I felt they were going to give me my own chair at the hospital. The first thing you notice about Dr. Lasko is the fact that he listens far more than he talks and he listens carefully. He was able to determine a major reason for my headaches and through a variety of strategies reduce their intensity and eventually eliminate them. Relief from pain was immediate. This intervention by Dr. Lasko freed me from the severe ongoing pain I had been experiencing and enabled me to have the capability to deal with the other health issues I was facing. For that I will be eternally grateful.

- Maurice Radke

Both Ray and I greatly appreciate the wonderful, friendly service and the excellent dental care we receive at your office. Thank you for being our dental professionals.

- Ray & Therese Lizewski

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